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Earn free gift card codes from top brands, by doing offers and watching advertisements. Alternatively claim cash payments to your Paypal account or Bitcoin wallet.

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PointsPrizes allows you to earn free gift cards from top brands like Playstation, iTunes, XBOX, Steam, Amazon, Google Play, Netflix and many more. You can also claim a direct payment via PayPal or Bitcoin.

In addition, PointsPrizes is great alternative to gift code generators, which are generally sites designed to deceive users into completing surveys - without giving the actual prizes they were promised.

The way it works is that you earn points by completing offers such as surveys, mobile app downloads and email submits. Once you have enough points you can claim prizes.

The site also has a very effective referral program that allows international users, who often don't have many of...

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A huge range of free gift card prizes to choose from. Alternatively you can choose a direct payment to your PayPal account or Bitcoin wallet.
A dashboard with powerful tools, statistics and referral link generators to help you earn the maximum possible points.
Mobile apps for both iOS and Android. The mobile apps also allow users to earn points by watching video advertisements.


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Get Free Gift Cards & Cash for the everyday things you do online.

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