Comodo Free Firewall

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Personal firewall for Windows featuring program control, intrusion prevention, and sandboxing.

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4 years ago

The absolute best way of protecting your home/work PC.HIPS:The Host Intrusion Prevention System is outstandning.You'll be able to define rules for everything, I mean everything, even system applications if you wish.Start using it on "safe mode", after a few weeks you should try "paranoid mode".While...

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Comodo Firewall is a personal firewall, a genre of security software that secures PCs by policing Internet traffic on an app by app basis. The most prominent feature of a personal firewall is generating popup notifications when an unknown program attempts to access the Internet for the first time. Doing so stops Trojan horses, botnets, hackers seeking remote access, malicious coin miners, and even shifty apps that transmit privacy-violating telemetry. But because of the popup notifications, this genre of security software has its fans and critics. Comodo Firewall helps reduce the number of popup notifications by identifying well-known and digitally signed apps.
Comodo Firewall also features...

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A security popup is one of the most commonly seen user interface components of this app and its main purpose.
Main window in basic view
Main window in advanced view
Main window in basic view, with the Manage Protection dashboard exposed
Tasks view, showing advanced tasks
Tasks view, showing firewall tasks
Tasks view, showing containment (sandboxing) tasks
General settings
Firewall settings
Log viewer


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