ApplePi-Baker v2

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Restore/Backup Utility, initially intended for Raspberry Pi users, but very suitable for all SD cards and external disks. More compression formats, no more sudo passwords, enable SSH, Auto Eject, restore to multiple disks, size check, shrink, etc.

Writes images to SD/USB - Create bootable USB - Cleaning unwanted partitioning - Format a SD to NOOBS-compatible format


2 years ago

Use it all the time, very versatile to burn image-files on SD cards or even SDD and HDD.

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ApplePi-Baker v2 is a free macOS application (64-bit and signed) to create backups and do restores of disk drives. Restore can even be done to multiple disks at once.

The application utilizes libarchive to support a wide range of archive and compression formats (7Zip, BZip, dd, GZip, IMG, ISO, Jar, LZip, Rar, Tar, Tar BZip2, Tar GZip, Tar LZip, Tar XZ, XZ and Zip).

Further more, ApplePi-Baker fully relies on Apple DiskArbitration API calls and callbacks, and is build comfort Apple’s Secure Coding Guidelines to Elevate Privileges Safely, which makes entering SUDO passwords something from the past.

Additional extensive disk information can be viewed, and extra disk functions are inc...

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Aqua Theme and Dark Theme support
Dark Theme or Aqua Theme can be forced
Add one disk for Backup or Restore
Add multiple disks for simultaneous restore
Improved progress information
Enhanced disk information
Additional disk functions
Easy to use interface


+ Writes images to SD/USB (6 )

+ Create bootable USB (4 )

+ Cleaning unwanted partitioning (3 )

+ Format a SD to NOOBS-compatible format (2 )

Application Types

Create bootable USB (4 )




sd card


Raspberry Pi

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